Sycamore and Phoenix Tail Core Wand, 14 ½” inches. 

This beautiful wand was designed by Daniel Hubatch for a custom wand order, and features the customer’s requested features. Including a Sycamore shaft, and Phoenix tail feather core. I added the raw red sapphires to the pommel, which was the customer’s birthstone, and helped to bond the wizard to his wand. Bring them into closer alignment, and helping to bond them together. To learn more about the myth and magic behind this beautiful custom wand, read on! 

With a deep breath, I make the final stroke, and pull the pencil from the paper. It is done. Relieving my tired fingers from their delicate exertions, I put down the tool which has spun my imagination into reality on the piece of parchment paper before me. The wand came to me in a stroke of inspiration, even as the pencil slid across the paper, as a lover’s hand does against the cheek of his beloved. The wand is made of sycamore, with a phoenix tail feather core, at 14 ½ inches long. The shape of the wand is a magical enigma. The shaft is plain, and smooth, with a robust demeanor. But it’s the leaves which wrap around the handle, and the distinct, nobbly shape of the pommel, which allude to it’s mysterious background. 

I find myself wondering how those leafs came to be so firmly fixed to the handle of the wand, and begin to realize with a chill that the wand itself looks like a long, white bone. 

A story begins to form in my mind. 

An ancient and powerful sorcerer, defeated in a vicious duel beneath the boughs of a haunted forest while battling his worst enemy. The fight is fierce, and the spells flying across the glade in black and green flashes explode against tree trunks, spraying bark and wood as they collide with deadly force. In shout, and a flashof dark magic, the old sorceror crumples to the ground. His vanquisher rushes forward, booted feet snapping twigs and leaves on the forest floor. He hurriedly kicks the wand from his enemies limp fingers, and it skitters into the shadow of the undergrowth. 

  The hooded figure of the killer crouches over his prey, finding him dead, his flesh already turning cold. He searches the sorceror's robes for magical items, but finding nothing, heaves the body aside, and strides into the night. His cloak snapping about his legs as he is swallowed by the darkness. Behind him, the body grows cold, and as the seasons come and go, and the years pass, it disapears into the ground as mother earth takes back waht belongs to her. From dirt we came, and to dirt we return. 

But though the body of it’s master eventually vanished into the arms of the earth, the wand never followed, and never forgot. It sat there in the dirt, as seasons passed. Blanketed by the leaves which fell from the trees above and craddled by the grass which twined around it. Until the very leaves themselves became encrusted to the handle, one with the wand itself. 

And still the wand remained, and remembered. 

“Ghost of the Forest” 

The Sycamore Tree has its roots in many legends. 

Among the ancient Egyptians, it was believed that the Sycamore tree was a gateway between the world of the living, and the world of the dead. In several Native American stories, the Sycamore also boasts a sinister nature.

According to one legend that originates with the Wyandotte tribe, the great chief who ruled over evil spirits grew angry at two of his followers. He cast them from his sight, and they fell to the Earth where they collided with two majestic sycamores that shaded the banks of a river. The wicked nature of the spirits seeped into the trees and immediately deformed them, turning their limbs into twisted, grotesque branches.

Order of the Eldest Trees

The Sycamore is of ancient blood, or sap, I suppose. He is among the Order of the Eldest trees, reaching maturity at the astounding age of 600 years old, and is remarked upon as one of the largest trees of Europe and North America. 

A Wand for the Healer, and Warrior Alike. 

Yet for all it’s seemingly sinister nature, Sycamore is not a tree of evil. Among Hedge Witches, it is believed to encourage positive development, perseverance, and vitality in one’s life and pursuits. It is also reported that Sycamore twigs and wands can help promote relaxation, and grow good energy within the body. The Sycamore wand is especially appropriate for magics involving prosperity, love, and longevity. It is also a fine wand for the potion maker, specializing in healing remedies.

Together, the Sycamore and Phoenix core wand has many gifts to give. It favors both the healer, and the warrior alike. The phoenix is a creature of wisdom, fire, and healing magics. It is the perfect match for the Noble Warrior. One who seeks to lead a life of love, and healing, yet has the wisdom to recognize that, when the need arises, the sword must be picked up in place of the plow. 

Speak with the Dead. 

The Sycamore wand can also help one communicate with their ancestors, and bring you closer to loved ones who have passed away. Remember, it was believed to be a gateway between worlds to the ancient Egyptians. It is the tree of the ancestors, and holds in its roots the wisdom of the earth, and of our ancestors, who have held this land and wisdom for us that we may live and prosper in joy and peace.  

Elements: Air, Water, and Fire. 

Ruling planets: The Moon and the Sun

Uses: Appropriate for Warriors, Hedge Witches, and Healers.  


Written by Master Wand Maker, Jaun D'makre 

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Thank you for Reading. 

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