Power of Wand Wood, The Oak Tree. June 10th, through, July 7th. "Monarch of the Woods." - 9/27/21 -

Protection, Health, Inner Strength, Money, Healing, Potency, Luck. 

The Power of Wand Wood, The Oak Tree 

June 10th, through, July 7th. 

Throughout the ancient cultures of Britain, Rome, Irland, and of course, the ancient Druids, the Oaktree has long been a symbol of wealth, wisdom, and joy. 

He is the Monarch of the Woods, part of the sacred triad of Oak, Ash, and Thorn, and one of the Irish Seven Noble Trees. 

There is a verse about the Oak, a line from the ancient poem Cad Goddeau, or, "The Battle of the Trees." 

The Battle of the Trees. poem excerpt.

It speaks of the oak's strength, and the safety his presence denotes for all who honor him. 

The Ogham Cycle

If you were born between June 10th and July 7th, this is your sacred birth tree in the Ogham Tree Cycle, for the noble oak tree is the ruler of the 7th lunar month. 

It is denoted in the Ogham Tree calendar by the letter "D" for "Duir" or "Druid"

The Ancient peoples of Anglesey and the Nordic, and Celtic religions understood the power of the oak tree intimately, much of their knowledge is lost to the mists of time, but the trickle of the tree's influence on humanity can still be found in our language today.

The English word "durable" comes from the Celtic word, "duir" which means "Oak". The wood of the oak tree is among the strongest and most durable woods in the world. Resistant to decay, even in wet conditions, and able to bear great loads, the oak was used for building ships and buildings, both today, and in ancient times. 

In the same vein, the title, Druid, directly translates from Celtic to English as, "Oak-knowledge" 

For the Celts, to know the oak, was to know the deeper secrets of the universe. 

These snippets of etymology show us just how important Oak trees were to our ancestors. 

The Oak Tree Wand

An Oak Tree wand manifests nobility and strength and reconnects us to ancient traditions and lost magics of a much older world. The oak is the Monarch of the Woods, a King among trees. He is gentle, giving, free with his wealth, and his healing touch relieves the pain of those around him. He is a healer, and a leader, but also a warrior. Sometimes we forget that the one who heals is also well versed in the arts of death. 

But the bearer of such a wand is no murderer, he or she is a warrior.  A protector, and, as the poem, Cad Goddeau proclaims, a "Stout Guardian at the Door."

To bear an oak wand, especially if you are a child of the 7th lunar month, is to be a gentle warrior. Who wisely bends when the gentle winds blow and stands tall and defiant when evil threatens their friends and family. 

Attributes, and Elements of the Oak Tree. 

Element; Fire. 

Ruling Planets; The Sun

Gender; Masculine.  

Celebrations and Festivals; 

The Summer Solstice, June 21st. 

May 29th, Oak Apple Day. 

Suggested core, Phoenix tail feather. 

Perfectly fitting the noble nature of the oak, the phoenix also reciprocates the strong fire element at the Oak's center. 

 "Sing for the oak treeThe Monarch of the wood;Sing for the oak treeThat groweth broad and good;That groweth green and branchingWithin the forest shade;That groweth now, and yet shall growWhen we are lowly laid."

Extract from 'The Oak Tree' by Mary Howitt 

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Oak Tree Spells. 

  •   Two twigs of oak, bound into an equal-armed cross with red thread should be hung in the house, as a charm against all evil.

*  Carry an acorn as a charm for youthfulness and fertility.

*  Acorns placed on the window sills guard against lightning.

*  Add oak logs to your fire and they will help to carry away sickness.

*   Plant an acorn by the light of the full moon to invoke the money power of the oak for prosperity.

*  Camp beside an oak tree and your time there will be blessed with good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

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