Myth, Magic, and MoreĀ 

Once Upon a Time,There was once a boy of 12 who's whole life was Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Carabean.Ah, the hordes of Orces he slayed, his victorious salvation of Gondor, Rohan, and the Shire over and over again. His secret and devious adventures through the bowels of Hogwort's dark tunnels, and his magical battles against countless, if invisible, foes. He was Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow, Legolas and Aragorn all in one. Life was good and adventurous in the great land of MiddleEarth-Hogwarts-Caribbean.Except for one little problem. It is awefully difficult to be Aragorn son of Arathorn, heroic King of Gondor heading a Ghostly army, if you don't have a sword. Or Harry Potter, if you don't have a wand. And even Jack Sparrow needs a sword.Pleading for the pelethora of plastic paraphanalia that emerged from the glittery guts of big box stores every Holloween, availed him little. Plaguing his parents with please for polypropolyne wands that light up at the tip, also ended in disapointment. Some frivolous fools may think of his stubborn sire as strictly severe, they would be mistaken. Baffled at every babbling bumble for better battlry, and determined to dictate his own destiny, this bold boy divised a devious deed. Or so he thought. Instead of instigating frusterating interegations over why he was denied a plastic sword; he aimed to aquire, of all things, amature woodworking tools. Was this desire to craft with his hands deniable?Of course not! Perhaps, could it even have been in the grand plan?And so did it begin. With nothing more than a rhasp, a selection of files, a jig-saw, clamps, and a carving knife, his unwitting journey towards entrepenuership, was born.Of course the boy was me. And my Orce kill count certainly went up after I had my first, if very rough wooden sword, in hand. It was made from a tungue and groove board, had no cross gaurd, and was covered in splinters because I didn't have the patience for sanding back in those days. My skills grew with time, and I developed an uncanny eye for shaping wood without measurements of any kind. Straight lines, gentle curves, smooth symetrical orbs; in time, they stopped being asymetrical. Nobody taught me to do this, or how to design or how to cut and carve effectively. I learned the patterns of grain and how different woods and grain patterns effected my building process, simply through trial and error. Simple observations lead to better skills. Some grains were easier, and others harder.I was a student of a maraculous material that quickly became my best friend, wood.When I was 16, my relatives finally managed to convince me to try selling my craftsmenship on etsy. I enjoyed wonder and requests for custom pieces when I visited Reniasance festivals, and crafted swords that I thought were beyond me.Of course, I am still a student of wood. I will never know everything, for nobody ever does. And new adventures have brought me into the world of leather work.Trial and error are my favorite teachers. If harsh ones.I continue to carve and sell, even if the profit is sparse, because of the artistic joy this simply activity, called craftsmenship, brings me.I have tried theatre, I have tried dance and singing. I have been a personal trainer, an athlete, and a teacher. I have played with scholarly pursuits and have been and still am a student of the wilderness. What I consisder a junior botanist, tracker, and survivalist. And all these things are great, and full of life, but my best friend remains that simplest of carbon creations, wood.God bless wood.Daniel Hubatch Read More

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